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Project partner on National Information Campaign related to the 112 Single European Emergency Call Number

‘’eCall’’ means an in-vehicle emergency call to 112, made either automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors or manually, which carries, by means of mobile wireless communications networks, a standardised minimum set of data and establishes an audio channel between the occupants of the vehicle and the most appropriate public safety answering point (in compliance with the European Commission Recommendation no. 2011/750/UE, issued 8.09.2011).

‘’MSD – "minimum set of data" means the information which must be sent to the PSAP according to the standard EN 15722 (in compliance with the European Commission Recommendation no. 2011/750/UE, issued 8.09.2011). This includes information such as: accident location, car travel direction, time stamp, vehicle identification number.

eCall is free of charge 
and is managed as any other 112 emergency call

HeERO – Harmonized eCall European Pilot project is partly funded by the European Commission through PSP ICT program in which nine European countries ensured, for three years (January 2011 to December 2013), the implementation, interoperability and harmonization of the eCall system based on the 112 single European emergency phone number. Along with Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden, Romania share the same major goal: preparing the 112 Emergency System infrastructure, testing the eCall service and disseminating this experience with the other member or associated countries of the European Union.

In the context of this project, the Special telecommunications Service has modernized the 112 communications and IT platform and is ready to take and manage the eCalls.

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