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Project partner on National Information Campaign related to the 112 Single European Emergency Call Number
     What is 112
         112 in Romania
         112 in Europe
         STS and 112
         Standards, recommendations, reports
     112 System operation
         How it works
         What is an emergency
         NonEmergency situations
         112 & Children
     Serviciul SMS 113
         Procedura de inregistrare a persoanelor
             Procedura de inregistrare a persoanelor(pdf)
             Procedura de inregistrare a persoanelor(mp4)
         Instrucţiuni de completare a cererii de înregistrare offline
         Descarcă Cerere de înregistrare offline
          Modul de utilizare a serviciului 113
             Modul de utilizare a serviciului 113(pdf)
             Modul de utilizare a serviciului 113(mp4)
         Înregistrare online
         Adrese utile
             BRA 112
         Program birouri temporare
         European Commission Recommendation of 8.9.2011
         eCall standards
         IVS device status before and after initiation of eCall
     Emergency agencies
         General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations
         Romanian Gendarmerie
     Public information
         Press releases
             112 Information Stickers
             112 Romanian anthem
             112 Videoclip
              STS-CNA partnership to promote 112
             STS-InfoCons partnership
             Pliante 113
         Real cases
         Photo album
         Structural funds
         Personal data protection
         Personal data request
         Medical Education Guide
         Regulations and methodologies
         European considerations
         112 statistics
     Useful links

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